Selling iphone Online To sell iphone 4 online you need to take the photo of the mobile phone and place it in the online auction website along with the relevant description and the cost of the mobile phones. Before making the sale assess the inner and the outer parts of the mobile phones whether there are any faults between them then if there are any you must rectify it before placing them in the auction websites. And some will charge for placing the mobile advertisement in their websites. First check the authenticity of the website as there are many scammers available in the internet. The rate of the phone depends on the model, condition, the age and the brand of the mobile phones. You can sell them along with the accessories and the case for the profitable price amount. If the sale is not completed within a week then you can make some changes and relist the item and the auction details are sent to the customer only through the email so you can be in the safer side by checking reputable website. The comparison website helps to know about the price of the recycling companies. You can have many queries of how to sell my phone online then you can visit the mobile recycling website for more details. You can mention the number of days to complete the sale in the form. The phone company’s website will provide the features of the new technology mobile phones and their functions.